Building and Construction Industry

The ACT Long Service Leave Authority Administers the Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Act 2009.

The Building and Construction Industry Long Service Leave Portable Scheme allows eligible employees to work for different employers or as a subcontractor to accrue an entitlement within the scheme. This allows the worker to qualify for long service leave based on their recorded service with the Authority, rather than service from one employer. Employers are required to register with the Authority and declare wages and days worked for all employees via quarterly returns, where a 2.1% levy is paid on employees gross ordinary wages (except apprentice wages where the Authority covers all levies on behalf of employer). Effective from 1 April 2018, the employer contribution levy was reduced to 2.1%. Self-employed workers may also record service and make contributions of 2.5% of earnings to the scheme.

When a worker has worked in the industry for ten years and is eligible for their long service leave entitlement, the days and wages declared over the employee's service are verified and used to calculate the employee's entitlement. Employees accrue 13 weeks long service leave for every ten years worked (6.5 days a year), the employee may claim if approved by the employer a minimum of 2 weeks leave. In certain circumstances an entitlement may be available under a shorter period of time, this is covered under Long Service Leave (Portable Leave Schemes) Act 2009.

The ACT Long Service Leave Authority has an agreement with other jurisdictions to recognise recorded service in another State or territory.


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