ACT Long Service Leave Authority


Cleaning Industry

Office Cleaner


Who is covered?

The following workers are covered under the scheme:

  • workers (employees and contractors) directly performing relevant work as defined below; and
  • working directors.

A worker can be an employee (e.g. working for salary or wages). Working Directors and Contractors can become voluntary members.

A key difference between employees and contractors is that employers must record service for their employees, while contractors and working directors have a choice on whether or not to record service for themselves.

Relevant work

All contract cleaning work conducted in the ACT (cleaning work means – work that has, as its only or main component, bringing premises into, or maintain premises in, a clean condition).

Includes drivers and sorters for waste management facilities under contract with the ACT Government, from 1 July 2016.

If in doubt, please contact the Authority for clarification.

Who is not covered?

Workers not performing relevant work (such as office/clerical/admin workers) are not covered by the scheme.