ACT Long Service Leave Authority


Security Industry

Security Contractor


Who is covered?

The following workers are covered under the scheme:

  • workers (employees and contractors) directly performing relevant work as defined below; and
  • working directors.

A worker can be an employee (e.g. working for salary or wages) or a contractor. Employees can be full time, part time or casual. This includes workers on a visa that allows them to work in Australia.

A key difference between employees and contractors is that employers must record service for their employees, while contractors and working directors have a choice on whether or not to record service for themselves.

Relevant work

A worker is considered to perform relevant work if the worker does 1 or more of the security activities defined under section 7(1)(a) to (h) in the Security Industry Act 2003.

These activities are:

  1. patrolling, guarding, watching or protecting property (including cash in transit);
  2. guarding with a firearm for cash in transit;
  3. guarding with a firearm for protecting property;
  4. acting as a monitoring centre operator;
  5. guarding with a dog;
  6. acting as a bodyguard;
  7. acting as a security consultant; and
  8. acting as a crowd controller.

If in doubt, please contact the Authority for clarification.

Who is not covered?

Office workers and workers not performing relevant work as defined above.